Responsible Visitor Charter

Please play your part as a responsible visitor in protecting the environment and reducing any adverse impact on it. You can help in the following ways:

Save Energy

Do not leave lights or heaters on when they are not required. (But don’t switch off the storage heater or it will not charge up again!) Do not leave the water heater switched on if hot water will not be required in the next hour or so.

Save Water

Do not put more water in the kettle than you need to boil at any one time. Do not leave taps running.


You will find two bins in your kitchen, one for rubbish which can be recycled and one for other refuse. These can be emptied into the two corresponding bins outside your lodge. Materials which should be put in the recycling bins are: paper (except envelopes); cardboard; food tins (please rinse first); drinks cans; plastic bottles (please remove lids, empty and rinse). Please do not put juice cartons, plastic bags and film, plastic trays or pots or bottle-tops in the recycling bins. You will also find a bag for glass in the kitchen; glass can not be put in either recycling or normal refuse bins. Please take glass to a convenient bottle bank (the nearest are the car park outside the Hall in the main street of Kiltarlity, and the park in Croyard Road, Beauly, and you will also find them in the car parks of the major supermarkets in Inverness and Dingwall). If you are unable to take glass to the bottle bank yourselves, please leave it in your lodge and ask our staff to uplift it for you. Please remember to remove bottle tops and lids and put them in the ordinary refuse bin.

Public Transport

Timetables for local rail and bus services are available at Reception. It is obviously difficult to do without a car since the bus service to the park is very poor, but you could consider driving just to Kiltarlity or Beauly and getting a bus from there, or driving to Beauly to get the train. If you are intending visiting Glen Affric National Nature Reserve, a bus goes during the summer months from Drumnadrochit to the Glen Affric top car park. Details of cycle hire are available at Reception, and there are many good walks just a short drive away - ask at Reception.

Respect the Environment

Areas of the park other than immediately round the buildings are kept in a semi-wild state, to conserve the native plants and wild flowers and to provide a habitat for wildlife. Please feel free to walk around the park and to let your children play outside; but please help to protect our environment. Do not pick wild flowers or fungi, do not drop any litter and clean up if your dog fouls in the park.

Protect the Countryside

There are many walks in the vicinity of the park and on the hills and in the glens in the area, and many wild places where you can wander freely. If you are out and about, please help to preserve our natural heritage for others to enjoy. Keep dogs under control, keep to footpaths, close gates behind you, do not light fires or leave litter, do not contaminate water sources. Observe the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (a copy is in the information folder in your lodge).

Use Local Produce

By buying locally produced food, you will be saving on transport costs, supporting local communities and experiencing the taste of fresh Highland produce. You will find a local butcher, a greengrocer and a baker in Beauly. The butcher also has fish on Tuesdays and Fridays, and there is a fish van outside the baker’s at 2.30p.m. on Fridays. All Co-op and Scotmid shops, including those in Beauly, sell Fair Trade produce. There are regular farmers’ markets in Inverness.

Support Green Tourism Businesses

Many businesses such as restaurants and tourist attractions are trying to reduce their environmental impact and are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme. You can support their aims by using businesses which display the Green Tourism Business Scheme logo.